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Are All Folding Knives on the Same Template? Not Anymore

 OTF Knives, or open-the-top knife, folding knife, or retractable knife, is usually a smaller pocket knife with a single blade that opens and closed in a forward operation, closing by flipping the "blade" up. Contrast this with most traditional knives, which either are fixed blade sheath knives or are large folding knives with multiple blades. All of these blades do the basic function of cutting, but not all of them do it well. With an OTF knife you will have less problems with dulling, and some problems with kickback, since the blade is typically smaller overall and will be easier to control when the knife is in use.

TacKnives USA knife can be made from a number of different materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, and even carbon fiber. There are several reasons why an OTF might be made of a different material than your typical pocket knife. One reason is that the blade is much smaller, often only having a few inches to work with, and may require special tools to open. Another reason is that the knives are more prone to lock-up when opening the blade all the way, resulting in less safety (if any at all) than if the blade were left opened.

The blade is much more likely to become blunt in an OTF knife at compared to other models because of how the blade goes back in a forward motion. This action allows for more wear on the blade and cause the cutting edge to eventually be blunt. Some makers try to remedy this issue by putting a little steel mesh, like what you might see on a paper towel roll, over the cutting edge of the knife. This seems to take care of the problem to a certain extent. The solution is to always look for a manufacturer's recommendation for their model.

When looking at the different types of folding knife models that are available, it is important to know which is best for what you are trying to use the knife for. For example, there are two basic blade styles that are available. One is classified as a light-duty (or medium-duty) knife and the other as a heavy-duty (or high-quality) model. Both styles have their pros and cons.

The most common knives are categorized in four different sizes: small, medium, large, and extra large. A small model is usually only three inches long, making it ideal for most everyday situations. These include everything from writing utensils, pens, and small scissors to knives with double action feature. A medium size knife is usually between two and four inches, with some very small models up to six inches. Larger knives are usually seven or eight inches long, with a larger extra large size being able to handle bigger jobs. You can also watch this video at for more facts about knives.

A heavy-duty knife is typically eight to twelve inches in length. Heavy-duty models can be used for heavier tasks, including chopping, since they often are able to cut through blocks of wood or materials with no problems. This makes them an excellent choice for professional landscapers, carpenters, and other individuals who may utilize the knife for these types of projects. OTF has a wide variety of single action, multi-action, and high quality multi action knives available in all of its models.