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What's the Difference Between OTF and Switchblades?

OTF Knives, or simply OTF, is a name that just strikes a chord. There are many reasons for this, such as the obvious use of two words that are difficult to pronounce. The first reason is simply the way the knife looks. Instead of having a conventional pocket knife with a single blade, an OTF has a blade that opens like a typical pocket knife does, but then closes as well. This way it is just as easy to carry the OTF as it is to use a regular pocket knife. Some would call it "a lot easier to manage".

Another reason OTF knives at so popular is because they are easier to use than a typical pocket knife. Most are around 7 inches long overall, just slightly longer than a traditional pocket knife (which, for the sake of this article, we will consider folding knives). This length makes it very easy to manage, even for someone who has small fingers. On the other hand, the length on itself isn't the only feature that makes OTFs different. Because of their construction, these knives are much more durable than a typical pocket knife. While it might not seem like much when they're folded up, when you drop them into a hard surface, say, a table, they can still be pretty tough.

Because of their construction, all over the OTF Knives at there are ridges. These ridges allow the knife to be opened wider, which is perfect if you need to open it wide for some reason. Some of them even contain grooves, which allow even more leverage to be used while opening and closing the knife. All of these features go towards helping the user to open and close their OTFs with ease.

The differences between OTF knives and more traditional pocket knives come in the way of their folding mechanism. When these knives are fully closed, the blade sits in a sheath that protects it from any damage while in use. Once fully closed, the knife simply snaps back into its sheath. This is similar to a traditional pocket knife's spring mechanism, but it adds an extra measure of safety by ensuring that the knife itself stays safe even while it is in use. Find interesting facts about knives at

If you want a self-defense knife that offers the flexibility of an OTF, then the best option would be a TTF (tabular tempered knife). This is because the blade is made out of a hard material that does not easily bend, even when aggravated. Because the TTF is stiff enough to not bend, it offers the same benefits as a traditional pocket knife without sacrificing durability or functionality. However, to take advantage of the benefits offered by the TTF, you have to be willing to make a few sacrifices. For example, you will likely need to spend a bit more money for this type of knife because of its stiff construction.

Switchblades offer all of the benefits of traditional double edged knives, with some extra bonuses. Many switchblades come with a removable tip, allowing you to effectively cut through objects without having to use your fingers. Plus, they often feature an automatic opening system, meaning that you don't have to hold anything in order to open them. If you are looking for a good all around knife that offers versatility in both size and function, then it might be time to consider a few of the switchblade options that are available to you.